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Join our team as an environmental designer

Do you have a desire to deal with the causes and effects of Climate Change? Know a bit about buildings? Can you fit with our values of humility, humour and hard work? We focus on making buildings better using technical knowledge, collaboration, calculation, clear communication and the experience we gain. We are looking for someone to join us as an Environmental Designer to grow our superb and diverse team. Etude are honest, efficient and always learning.

The right person for this role should be comfortable with building physics and dynamic simulation of buildings, willing to learn, and be interested in the reality of construction and improving actual building performance. We use EDSL Tas, and experience with this software is an advantage, but not a requirement. We are looking for someone who is comfortable with data analysis and manipulation, but is practical and understands the implications of their assumptions.

Further useful experience would be: 2D/3D thermal transmittance calculations (thermal bridging), U-Value calculations, Passivhaus and PHPP energy modelling, and predicted operational energy assessment or survey.  There will also be opportunities to undertake large database analysis and experience with Python or mySQL would be a bonus. Backgrounds in computer science, finance or different flavours of engineering also considered.

Salary £35,000 to £45,000+ depending on experience.


Open to all

We do not have any entry level requirements for higher education qualifications, native language, height, weight, colour, physical ability or the gender you identify as. If you believe you have experience in the areas we describe and can demonstrate this to us we will consider your application.


What you can expect

We are very fortunate to work on some incredibly exciting construction and research projects, and are a small enough company for everyone to be able to get involved. We work on a large range of projects in one week and so the type of work you are doing will vary a lot. You can expect to work on a spread of residential, education, commercial and policy projects ranging in size and scale from individual dwellings to large scale masterplans.

We prioritise work in the UK and on buildings that we can visit. We work as a team with a relatively flat internal structure, which means you would be responsible for managing your own work load and delivering outputs collaboratively. Etude are based in central London near Old Street with great access to Whitecross Street market, Barbican and transport links. We work nationally.


How to apply

Send us an email to with the heading Application for Environmental Designer role. Include your CV and a covering letter/email.

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