Etude are a team of sustainability engineers with experience in energy policy, low energy building design, environmental assessment, and construction inspection.


Chartered Engineers, environmental scientists, renewable energy specialists, doctorates, Architects, Passivhaus Designers and builders.

201802 Thomas Lefevre - Etude

Thomas Lefevre

201911 Caitlin Brown

Caitlin Brown

201809 Ed Cremin - Etude

Ed Cremin

Rachael Head on

Rachael Collins

201802 Will South - Etude - Passivhaus Certifier

Will South

Ann Idowu

Ann Idowu

Amber Banbury - Etude sustainability

Amber Banbury

201802 Naomi Grint - Etude

Naomi Grint

202012 Tom Gwilliam - Etude

Tom Gwilliam

201908 Kate Millen - Etude Sustainability

Kate Millen

201802 Leon Tatlock - Etude

Leon Tatlock

201909 Myrtia Fasouli - Etude

Myrtia Fasouli

201802 Chris Worboys - Etude

Chris Worboys

201809 Anna Mackenzie - Etude

Anna Mackenzie

Etude team - London Lego Calendar


We interact with the project team in order to understand the drivers for the design/construction and ensure that the most relevant solutions are selected. Etude are pragmatic, and aim to present our findings clearly. Explore the How we work section for examples of our process.

In the images you can see our Lego Calendar, and some of the office at The Foundry.

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